Is it Scientific temper or Religion in danger??

Now the entire world is in danger but before Corona, the religion was in danger in many countries. Where Zehad is going on there Islam was in danger and In the biggest democracy, India, Hinduism was in danger.

Lets start talking with the poster here with a quotation in Hindi, it says…”If your fellings get hurt by any comment on any superstitious Priest or Maulvi, then your religion is actually in danger”.

We need to understand that our religion Hinduism, is called sanatan, which was there since the birth of humanity, then how can it be in danger because someone just criticized a foolish person who was misleading people in the name of religion, and yes if we will not stop these kind of misguiding people or follow them blindly then we will have to pay a huge cost for that, and that may actually harm to our religion. Our vedas say so many scientific and logical things, we have followed many real life practices which have scientific connection but if we keep doing that without knowing the real reason behind it, and then after years the slight change in the practice will also take it away from the reason why we started it, then no point following it any further.

For example, now it is said that if a women will not wear bangles, or bindi (a little red thing we stick on our forehead just between eyebrows), then her husband will die. This is actually ridiculous, there is no connection with husband’s life. Rather if you want to search the reason behind you will find that there are acupressure points at these places, and added with the given color, they work better. Like on forehead if there is red color it will excite the sexual feelings and husband and wife enjoy their time together and therefore if the husband dies they are asked not to use the red color rather the white or yellow one because they help in reducing such feelings.

For bangles and also for the ring in the ring finger, the reason is there are pressure points if they are pressed then they will help her reproductive organs stay healthier, even regulates her monthly cycle, that becomes less painfull.

Likewise there were many practices started but now a days there are fools who put us in health hazard by asking us to eat unhealthy things and many are there who just want our pockets empty by just showing the fear of religion.

And the worst ones are those who show the religion under threat as they want us to keep fighting with our fellow citizens so that we cannot sit together and raise voice on the real issues, once we are into all this shit, we do not get the peace of mind and without peace of mind our scientific temper does not work.

So basically religion is personal thing and by making it public people are hitting on our social scientific temperament and we are not able to understand this.

Please think over it carefully, while you are at home now and you have time to think in isolation and you can self analyse many more things, to be a better person by the time corona is gone and you are out of homes.

Thanks friends, enjoy a peaceful society!! And remember religion is never in danget by criticizing it or criticism makes it rather better.


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