Recently we have celebrated the Mothers’ Day, but I believe the mothers’ day is every day we are waking up safe and sound, because without mothers we could have never been part of this beautiful world, she is the one who manufactured us for nine months inside her and then brought us up to be able to understand this world and survive here.

This picture here says— “I got angry and cut the call, But my mother called me back and said oh! it has cut by mistake with her hand”

Actually only mothers can do that, if we are fortunate enough to have our mothers we must look back our life with her after or even before we got some understanding, we have always shouted at her like hell, whenever we felt angry or frustrated or sad, but she was always there for us, without any complain.

I remember my mom telling me good things always, she has never been angry with me unless I have done some big blunders or got extra angry, but still I was always yelling at her when I had made mistakes and I had no other way to get rid of my problems, though she always knew this problem of mine and she had solution for everything, but I wounder why do we do this with the most beautiful people and most pious hearts on earth.

Dare do this with someone else and you will realise the truth, as I realised after my marriage I just got angry with my lovely hubby one day when he did a big blunder but he still could not accept that.

So friends as you know, we all know it and we all accept this face when we are alone or away from our beloved mothers, but we happen to commit the same mistake when we are in front of them

Therefore we need to keep reminding ourselves that please show some love to moms and I will say to our lovely parents while they are alive, even if they are angry with us, we must tell them that we love them, because (except in ignorance) our parents will never do anything bad for us. Especially mothers they will do everything for our better, they never keep their benefit over ours.

So please next time not get angry with them, and you can do it consciously, they have given us that liberty but we must not do that because they also get hurt by that, thugh they forgive us soon, but why to even hurt them for a while, when we know for them we are the world.

Please serve your parents and love them while they are alive.


  1. “I got angry and cut the call, But my mother called me back and said oh! it has cut by mistake with her hand”
    These lines express the unconditional love of a mother towards her child . We can say that it’s one sided love without expectations.
    Awesome lines touched my heart 💟

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  2. माँ —–बस नाम ही काफी।
    हम झुंझलाते,वो प्यार निभाती,
    हम रूठते,वो हर बार मनाती
    समझ नही पाए हम जब पास थी माँ,
    अब समझ आया कितनी खास थी माँ।

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