The Pious Soul!!

I am sorry to forget her name but she is really a pious heart, from Jet Airways, Mumbai Airport. She is really a kind soul. It was nice to spend time with her. It was time to travel from Mumbai to Jaipur and then to go for some urgent case for an attack on some tribal settlements at my work-place.

Jet Airways domestic flights run from the International Airport, in Mumbai. The date also I do not remember but it was somewhere towards the end of September, 2018. When the quarterly meeting of our fellowship was completed and the ticket was booked at the last moment to reach early due to the emergency at the workplace in Rajasthan. I reached to the Airport almost three hours before but it was my first visit to the International Airport at Mumbai, other times the flights have gone through Domestic Airport only. Thankfully I did not get much traffic and also I went there having more time in hand, since I knew that I have no idea where to go and it might have a long way to reach to the flight. It was true estimation as well.

Anyways I reached there and asked to the person there standing near the lift where to go for the domestic flights, and it was 12th floor, I was told. Reached there, but now there were so many ways to go and also for so many flights. There were so many ways in front of me, and the more I was trying to read the instructions written on the airport for directions and all, the more confused I was getting. Anyways finally i just went to the Jet Airways reception, and what I found was shocking that even more than two hours time was left but they said all seats were already booked since the flight was first come, first serve basis, and it was left unnoticed by me, since I needed to reach at the work place as soon as possible.

Now what to do??? I was just requesting God to help people waiting for me and also the flight people to help me out, they were saying that they will pay me the double of the ticket charges or they will send me by the very next flight via Delhi, which was 16 hours later, but then I will reach to Jaipur at late night of the next day and then there is no public conveyance to reach to the remote area where I work and this way I will be two and a half days late, as it takes more than 5 hours to reach there from the bust stop, which is on the other side of the city, from the airport, means from airport to the workplace it was 7 hours long journey due to the construction going on the Highway, that time. Therefore, I declined all the offers and was continuously requesting for sending me with the same flight.

Any ways I was just telling to the other employee of the flight who was a bit rude, but this pious soul happened to cross at the same time and looked into my eyes, gratefully she could read the need of the hour and the urgency and she asked me somethings just for a minute or two then had a talk with the flight attendant, since in all this hustle bustle the time was all over and the last call to the flight passengers was also made already just five minutes before her call. But I think the almighty was kind to me that day and this pious soul was actually helping me by heart, honestly. Therefor, the saying that “if you want something with full of your heart, then the entire universe conspires to help you achieve that.” or the following words say it exactly.

This statement of Mr Paulo Coelho, proved to be correct that day.

I was thanking to the power of universe during the entire journey and also to this kind hearted brave girl, who after getting to know that a seat is vacant in the flight, had a talk with her administration and then ran with me for a way too long, that too in her high heals, I cannot even tell you that how hard it might be for her, since even my heals started hurting while running in shoes (though I had a bag, but that was less hurting for sure than the high heal sandals).

Had she not been there to guide me, I am sure, I could not even have been to the flight in the next an hour, it was really really confusing for the person like me who was there for the first time. But she made it and I could reach there, just before the gates were about to be closed. Because all the passengers have already settled by that time, when I entered, as if they were all waiting for me only.

It was really a journey to remember, and I wish that this brave girl stay happy and live long always, so that she can serve the humanity for longer.

Many many thanks to her!!


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