The poet of love says!!

Yes, you guessed it right friends!!

It was none other than the all time brilliant Late Neeraj who is still alive in our hearts through his songs and poems and therefore he said it correctly as shown in the picture.

Pic credit: internet

He says here–

When tears will be awarded,

I will be remembered.

Wherever the talks about love will be

My name will be taken.

And believe me he said it correctly. In India or who so ever listens to Bollywood songs remembers him or his songs whenever sad or in love 🙂

Published by Rachana Dhaka

I am a law student, a resilient defender of Human Rights, a nomad who loves to know about different cultures and connect them for the better future of mankind and loves to talk to people through poetry or with some write ups. And best of all i love to motivate people and spread happiness around :)

21 thoughts on “The poet of love says!!

      1. OMG! You’re back! ❤️ What happened? Where have you been? I hope you’re working on a blog post to explain your absence. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re OK. I was really worried about you. Hugs!


  1. नहीं है भाषा प्रेम कि
    ना ही कोई किताब
    ये तो बस अहसास है
    जिस पर टिका है विश्वास

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