Love, love and only you love

Yes, I wanna say it to you
Yes, you who is reading this
Because you are a part of this nature
A part of human family
You are bound to follow the rules
The rule of nature is
To spread love
Not hatred
Not enmity
Not jealousy
Not to be a destroyer
Nature taught us to spread love
And laughter
To be a constructer
Therefore believe me
You, me, and everyone here
Is just full of love
Let’s all come together
And spread it more
Wiping out tears from innocent eyes
By giving shelter and love
To orphan childhood
By making someone smile
By feeding some empty stomachs
By giving someone a helping hand
By showing someone a right path
By reducing our anger
By leaving the feeling of hatred
By broadening our hearts
By having a pious soul
By living the life at fullest
Tensions and struggles
Come to make us stronger
Let’s handle all ups and downs
With a hope and hard work
Let’s understand that every moment is precious
And we must spread it to do something good
The life is short
And the task is big
But with love
It becomes easy
Though everyone is busy
With some race
To earn money
Like a machine
We need money
But not at the cost of our life
We need to stop for a while
And think
Weather we are on the right track?
Or need to get back.
Try to be yourself
Happy with yourself
You will find
You are the best
You are full of love
No hurries
No worries
Can touch you then
The world is yours

just full of love, love

and only love

spread it everyday


* copyright – Rachana Dhaka

picture credit – internet

Published by Rachana Dhaka

I am a law student, a resilient defender of Human Rights, a nomad who loves to know about different cultures and connect them for the better future of mankind and loves to talk to people through poetry or with some write ups. And best of all i love to motivate people and spread happiness around :)

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