When you wake up in small hours!!

At times, either someone happen to disturb our sleep or we just wake up by chance. What to do in that situation? How to get back to the sound sleep? It really becomes so hard and then we have to suffer with headache or heavy mood, for the next day.
But, don’t you worry  because here is the solution for you. Following are the easy tips for you, next time if you wake up half the way, do this and get a good night sleep 

  1. Get out of the bed
    If you wake up at the small hours, and are not able to get back to sleep soon, then psychologists say that you must get out of your bed rather than worrying about the sleep, while keeping lied down in the bed. As this will make you worried or angry over the fact that you are not able to sleep back. And if this continues till some more such incidents, then your mind will start associating your bed with worries and it will be difficult for you to sleep there.
    Therefore, it will be a good option to get out of the bed and read some book, write something or listen some light music or do whatever relaxes your mind and once it is relaxed you will feel sleepy again and now you just go and get into the bed for the lovely sound sleep.
  2. Do not look at the watch
    Yes! This is true, because as soon as we look at the watch, our brain starts the calculation, as to how much more time you could have relaxed, had the sleep continued or how much time is left to wake up and them you may try to force your mind to get back to sleep as soon as possible but that will further engage it and force to wake up and it will not let you sleep, once it becomes fully active. This will just be a needless stressing exercise or struggle.
    If you think that you are not able to stop yourself from looking at the watch whenever you wake up at night, you better remove all the watches from your sight from the bed or remove them all from the bedroom only and keep a separate device to wake up in the morning.
  3. Make the sleeping space/ bedroom sleep friendly
    This is really important for everyone of us to make our sleeping room/ space (since people like me may not have separate room for each activity). Keep your TV, Mobile or other electronic gazettes away from your bed and try to stop using them an hour before you sleep, so that your mind will be relaxed and even if you wake at small hours, it will help you to get back to sleep then and there. Get those things out of your sleeping space, which can distract you in any way. And try to make it a space with no noise and dim lights. If you use AC then you can make sure that the room temperature remains between 18C to 24C, to get the body relaxed.
  4. Fix your time to sleep
    If you do this, this will best help you timetable and will keep you energetic for the entire day as well. Also, it will mostly make sure that you will be able to complete your full sleep in one go, and even if it gets disturbed, you will be able to sleep back soon.
    Hope, you would like these easy ways to complete your sleep and they will help you when needed.
    Have a good sleep and wake up with good energy friends.
    See you soon 

Copyright – Rachana Dhaka





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