How true is this??

No…no… No!!

please don’t judge me….. Rather think yourself. I’m just telling you the meaning of the quote here… I just read it and thought of sharing.

it says that “Lord Rama was called Maryada purushottam means the man who is supreme in honor or best man who practiced righteousness until he perfected it, even though he deserted his wife when she was pregnant and asked her to remain in woods, even after knowing that she had his own kids in the womb. And another thing said here is that Yudhishthir (eldest pandav) lost his wife Dropadi in gambling (as a commodity) but still he was called Dharmraj means the King of Justice.

Then the person finally askes that if these things are correct then what is wrong or unjust??

In last lines he replies that therefore those who argue are unjust.”

Now my friends! It’s up-to you, how rationally you can overcome your feelings and see the truth.

Actually I am not going to say here whether it’s right or wrong rather I’m just trying to put here a food for thought where I’ll request you to place yourself (if female) or your sister (if male), then decide, had it happened with you or sister, would you allow that?

I’m not intended to hurt any feelings but just trying to find out that how far it is correct to exploit women or play with them as a piece of decoration, while giving examples of Sita Maa??

If one had bear Injustice we are none to take advantage of that and force others to bear the same.

It’s same as forcing a son of bonded labour to remain bonded labour but he has right to live his life on his own terms.

And when we do not find any justification for owning women as commodity we put it under the shadow of religion and try to defend.

There is the other side of the story as well, that Because Sita Maa’s character was doubted by Lord Rama, therefore she refused to be with the same person for the rest of her life and she was strong enough to give the message to the women not to bear injustice but the world do not want to look at the final point of the same story which was written by the same person rather they just try to justify their torture or Crimes committed against them and when questioned they wear the cover of religion and then too focus on half the things.

That is why, I believe, this person had said that those who argue are called anti religious. Sadly 🤨🤐

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