Indian Media- where are we heading !!

This is a satire, by BBC Hindi, on Indian TV channels actually, where whichever channel you open you will find a worthless news about media trial of a case to find out whether an actress is guilty of the death of his actor boyfriend or not.

Actually there is nothing wrong in showing this news too but the way this news has been used by our governments to hide behind and by news channels as an excuse to not to ask questions from the responsible people about so many things going on right now which are wrong but media is just ignoring and by doing media trial they are also ruining the legal process by the court of law and trying to create undue pressure on the responsible agencies.

this is not the work of media which they are doing especially the electronic media and the work they should do is getting ignored since long.

thereafter in this picture two corona viruses are talking to each other one is asking how many corona cases and another is responding that it doesn’t know as it itself is busy watching the media trial of the said actress.

Actually , since the Indian public has been enjoying such ridiculous jokes getting played with them since many years by now, therefore they are habitual of keeping mum and bearing this too rather than asking questions from media as to rather than making them fools they must show them the discussion or debates on the real issues as what is the situation of corona/ floods etc and how far we are able to deal with them or why our GDP is getting lower and lower, where the PM epidemic funds donated by people of India have been utilised, why our soldiers are getting martyrdom even during the peace time, what about the jobs, how the Bharat is getting Atmnirbhar, why the farmers’ suicide rate is going up every year and what can be done to stop that etc, and the list is long.

But, I will have to say it with heavy heart that we Indians do not anymore bother about the real issues and just happy while fighting in the name of Hindu Muslim or Rhea Sushant 🤐🤦‍♀ where are we heading…. No idea.


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