I’m not a cook!!

Not a cook but want to be an amateur one to try all short of things.

It just took me one day to prepare the Imli (tamrin) chatni 🤐🤣🤣 see how much efforts put by a novice person. Had to go through so many videos then some videos asked for some different ingredients and then they were put later on 😥😝

Then next day morning the fighter was ready for the new adventure, to dive into the unknown world of Samosas and Kachories.

All done but by then breakfast and lunch times were over 😭🤯🤕🧐

What to do??

Though samosas were not that great (in fact the masala prepared for them was too yummy that we already finished much part of it 😋).

But the Kachories were tremendously marvelous, which finally paid off for all the hard work.

And i really love my family members for having so much of patience and let me do that 😍.

There are more not visible here 😂


  1. Writing just for fun…………….
    ब्लॉग की टाइटल: I am not a cook , अनायास ही मन ने translation कर लिया :
    मैं रसोइया तो नहीं” और बॉबी फिल्म का गाना  याद आ गया :मैं शायर तो नहीं

    मैं शायर तो नहीं
    मगर ऐ हसीं
    जब से देखा मैंने तुझको
    मुझको शायरी आ गयी
    मैं आशिक तो नहीं
    मगर ऐ हसीं
    जब से देखा मैंने तुझको
    मुझको आशिकी आ गयी 

    और आपका ब्लॉग पढ़ने के बाद : 
    मैं रसोईया तो नहीं 
    मगर किया कुछ सही 
    जब घुसी
    मैं रसोई में 
    घरवालों को  हँसी आ गई| 

    मैंने हार मानी तो नहीं 
    समोसे कचौड़िया हैं बनीं 
    जब तली 
    मैंने उनको 
    सुबह की शाम हो गई ! 

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