QAnon march and the fear of unknown

Last month, a march took place here in London and the worrisome fact was that the protesters were quite young, mostly students and the ordinary citizens, who have become convinced with the baseless propaganda run by some unknown people, that there is a giant conspiracy going on.

Some of the participants carried the black and red sign of QAnon movement which began in USA in 2017 with an anonymous post by someone called ‘Q’ on one of the internet chat forums.

Actually, without prejudices, they believe that Donald Trump is leading a holy war against a cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophiles made up of senior political leaders, journalists, and well known actors and “the storm” (a day of reckoning) will arrive the day they all get exposed. The rise of several such conspiracy theories is really threatening for the entire global village.

To me, this seems to be a story made up to mislead the youth and divert their attention from the real issues. Like the mingling of save the religion propaganda is being spread in India and the real issues of education, health, unemployment, livelihood, job creation, food and social security, women safety, law enforcement and development have taken the back seat. Likewise, since the US politics impacts the world and vice versa; the QAnon story is getting spread everywhere mostly in European countries, turbocharged by covid-19- believing it was invented purposefully by some child abusing elites to hide their tracks. This is why some of the protesters were carrying posters written #save the children, which had nothing to do with saving children or the famous charity.

It is a visible pattern in history that this kind of conspiracy theories, when start being questioned on the rational basis, they are merged with other such stories to keep the confusion continue. And this one is not an exception, therefore merged with false theories about coronavirus- that vaccination is a tool to control us or face masks are way of repression or the virus is being spread via 5G telephone masts.

Yet another banner we saw there saying- ‘Arrest Bill Gates for Crimes against Humanity’. Seems really ridiculous but it is also a sign to worry because this kind of brain wash of the youth may be proved fatal in the near future. Similar marches were visible in other civilized cities of the world as well.

It is not something to laugh at and leave, this need to be handled as soon as possible by the rationale brains to save the healthy times of civilization. This kind of events represent the fragmenting of our social contract; fired by social media platforms and filled by cynical forces on the Left and the Right.

This is taking rocket speed near the elections and many of such posts were retweeted by President Trump. This kind of millenarian movements have happened earlier too and happening even now, unfortunately in the biggest of democracies and the intellictuals are keeping mum or their voices are already shut. Also this kind of things come in one go like bombarding do the young minds get confused and start trusting what they gaze getting vomitted by the idiot boxes via media or social media in our personal cynical boxes called mobiles. These stories of corrupted power, holy crusades, Divine messengers and judgement days often lead to total breakdown, ruining everything under violence and hatred. They flourish more when the existing elites are struggling to cop up with pendamics or calamities.

This is an alarming call, we need to be cautious at every step, not to fall into the trap and bring back the senses of our young generations.





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  1. My Dear Rachana,

    Thank You for this article.

    It is indeed Most unfortunate that people (ordinary citizens) and even ‘supposedly’ educated youth become active in these kinds of things.

    There is also, as You have pointed out, the other side, where ‘sensible’ people do not take interest in national matters.

    I have never been abroad; and get most of my info from the media. But I am careful about one thing: If anybody is overly supporting (or even criticising) some’body,’ instead of dealing with public issues, I stop following that source.

    Which, sadly, is the opposite of what today’s youth does. They follow whoever ‘speaks’ impressively.

    I oppose both modi (which includes amit shav, the bjp, etc) and tRump, for their fascist policies.

    Appreciate Your levelheadedness, interest and enthusiasm. Kudos and Blessings over this.

    Let us Keep working at educating people about Right and Wrong; giving particular attention to our family and friends.

    …All the Best to You. Keep up Your good work. 🙂


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    1. Respected Sir,
      Thank you so very much Sir for the kind reflections and appreciation.
      Also the valuable insights from you are really important to me. You rightly said that we need not to get impressed just by the speaking quality of a leader unless there is some ground work is done or responsibilities are honestly taken care of. And yes I too believe that those who overly favor or oppose may lead us to misinformation.
      Ultimately we the people have capacity to make rationale decisions by connecting the dots but my generation is getting lazy to use it’s mind beyond prejudices and our audio visual means of information are continuously shouting the lies along with emotional effects and the so called fast generation is getting grow with that dangerous environment created mainly at the social media institutions..
      Thank you so much for being there sir.
      Please keep guiding and blessing.

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  2. The trouble with conspiracy theories is there are always a few facts behind them.

    Whether intentional or not, some of Bill Gates’ vaccines that he gave to children in Africa and India did make many of them sterile later in life.

    Gates should have to answer for it.

    If unintentional, there are still lawsuit consequences.

    If intentional, then he deserves to be charged with crimes against humanity.

    As for global pedophile rings, Jeffrey Epstein and Theodore McCarrick the former Vatican Cardinal is proof that they do exist.

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    1. Yes you are right for those flaws he must be made accountable for sure.
      And this side also big lies should not be spread under that shadow.
      And of course wrong is wrong none should be get Scot free for that since they have put lives in danger.

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