Concepts at childhood!! 🤣

We are All great scientists At our childhood days And in case we don’t see any solution to any problem in our way or if None out us have not seen it real, then either we all assume that those things exist only in pictures or just imagination of a book maker or Someone will just say that they are part of the heaven.

It happened with me too with this kind of pictures. All Hut headed beautiful houses rounded with trees or lush green grass, with some small gardens in front with the small wooden fence. It was no where visible in our village in the remote countryside of the desert state.

Therefore, I too assumed that it’s just an imagination of the author or this only exist into pictures. I was the kid who never seen movies in childhood therefore, no clues that how a foreign country looks like or how people live there or what are the weather conditions there, unless I reached to my university and saw some pics on internet.

Now after visiting Europe I find it everywhere visible and my primary school’s fancy English book starts floating in front of my eyes to tell me how I was sure that this is just a nice imagination and now I’m here part of that imagination.

How it all works I never know but its really a nice reminder of innocent childhood.

Hope You like it, you are Welcome to share your memories here too 😊


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