The Good and the Bad!!


Why this strange heading??

What you wanna say girl??

This is what you might be thinking or may be not. 😊

Or some of my Indian friends either might have guess or might be getting angry with me for putting up the ridiculous picture or discussing about something private shamelessly.

But, Here I wanna say that this picture is not ridiculous rather a food for deep thought and it’s not at all shameless to talk about this rather totally necessary to talk about all those things and get rid of absurdity regarding all as natural as this thing.

I am talking here more about India or Indians because I belong to that beautiful place and I honor my mother land but we the sons or daughters of India have spoiled our thoughts by shadowing women dignity under these kind of things and calling them bad.

First I’ll make clear why this picture here or what message it gives (as I take it). The context is that at present the festival of Durga Puja (worship of Goddess of Power Durga) is going on. We Indians worship the Power, Wealth and Intellect as Goddess and now for 9 days everyone is searching for young girls to feed, in honor of the Goddess. But, actually none wants the daughter in their home (exceptions are there though, like I want a daughter :D).

Another strange fact is that we even worship ‘vagina of the Goddess at Kamakhya Shaktipeeth’, Asom, where the song called Goddess’ vagina bleeds every month and therefore devotees are given a cloth full of that advanced token of blessings, and we all happily accept that. The right side picture shows that only when a lady comes to her in-law’s place first time they honor her by making her feet marks there and it is considered pious or an act which is followed by prosperity.

You will say so where is the problem it’s all about religion which is their personal choice. Yeah! Correct. But I have problem only after this when the things turn towards the real life every man or woman forget about women’s rights or they having voice, forget about worshipping them as goddess, that is only to befool the ladies and snatch all their rights.

Women are not even considered as humans rather treated as property, all abusive words are in their name, they are counted with wealth and property and not as a family member unless the law asks for that to write in some documents etc.

And most of the times they are made to look down in the name of Menstrual cycle. Because they bleed they are called impure. Because they bleed and therefore impure they are not allowed to go to temples, perform good works or participate in any function and also therefore they are subordinate to male πŸ€πŸ˜‚.

I’m laughing at the pitty patriarchal thought but it is nothing to laugh at and to be taken seriously that it’s actually a good sign if a female bless, it indicates her health, and necessary to bring the new generation into existence. If the creator is being questioned like this that means the downfall of humanity has started.

Otherwise we can see our progressive indigenous communities still celebrate the first bleeding of their daughter and she feel honored and not ashamed like our daughters feel in the so called mainstream developed societies.

I still remember when my friend got first bleeding in the school she was taken to the private room by the teacher and was asked to lie before us that it was Because she might have set on some dead bird.

At home she was asked to stay alone in an isolated room in The corner of the house.

And when we go to the shop to ask for sanitary napkins, first the shopkeeper gives us a strange look as if we have done a crime and then will hide it and fastay wrappes it in a newspaper and puts into a black poly bag and shows as if he is helping a criminal πŸ˜«πŸ™ŠπŸ€£. Totally disgusting.

And if any one is found talking about periods even with friends or elderly women, in open they are fired. I don’t know what is going to be told to me after putting this post in open but, I feel, we need to talk about this among our families and societies, to accept it as a normal process and not to make a hue and cry in its name.

And absolutely coming out of the ridiculous mindset of impurity associated with it. Even if it’s impure then none under the sky is pure because we all have spent our first 9 moths inside thins impure blood only.

So guys please bring your intelligence and education into practice and come out of this total time wasting purity debate, you live happily and let us live calmly too, rather than hijacking each normal statement or action of hours and puring that all into this blood and In turn raising your Blood pressure and giving us unnecessary stress.

Life is easy don’t make it complicated by all this shit to pull the legs of half the population.

Periods are periods not im/pure. They are absolutely natural and pious because we are healthy and you exist because they are their.

So enjoy, don’t worship but let them be who they are and respect the creator of humanity. #respect_women #women_are_humans_too


so the left hand side picture is too the same no difference please.

Finally let’s talk about periods and let’s talk about pads.

There are Billions of women Using unhygienic stuff during menstruation in want of awareness and because they cannot tell this pain to anyone and therefore suffering from bad health.


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