Nature’s connection!!

It’s really surprising but the pleasent one. When we miss something the nature has the power to heal the void and it does even if not fully, it does it up-to some extent in its own ways.

Today I was missing home from where both the Sun and the Moon are visible as soon as they appear in the sky at the horizon there, at my village.

But here in the big city it was just a day dream. Today the miracle happened, even though entire day was gloomy rainy day but at night it’s quite clear sky with visible sparkling stars and glaring Moon. It’s just like the same sky has come with which I have grown up.

This firms my belief that there is one universal energy which is connected with us all and when our small energy works in one direction with full force the universal energy joins it later or sooner for sure and works positively.

It’s really a relaxing time to see this happen.

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