#Discrimination and #Equality #समानता और #भेदभाव

At times we don’t actually realise while saying something , because our social norms are influenced with patriarchy that even if we don’t have anything like that in mind we just unconsciously say it and also perceive it that ways, unless we are conscious enough about our thoughts/words/the practices around us. This is what the quote says where a man says ‘I don’t discriminate on gender and I always help in kitchen.’ but the problem is with the word ‘help’. The shared responsibilities are always shared they are not a particular person’s task where we are helping her and doing some favours to her.

हमारी सामाजिक परंपराएं पितृसत्तात्मक विचारों से इतनी प्रभावित हैं कि जब तक हम सहज होकर और उनसे दूर होकर उन पर विचार न करें हमें उनमें भेदभाव का कोई अंश नजर नहीं आता है, भले हमने भेद न किया हो भले हमारी दृष्टि में वाकयी समभाव हो फिर भी अगर हम गहन विचार कर इन दोषों को दूर न करें तो हमारी भाषा और कर्म दोंनों ही इस भेद से दूर नहीं होते हैं। यही बात इस फोटो वाले कथन में कही गयी है।

Though I don’t say that when wife is not earning and husband is earning then too the husband is required to share all the household tasks. No that will be discrimination against the poor husband and he won’t be able to rest.

It’s like if both are working both will share household responsibilities as well if one is working then the other one can do the home tasks but then you see that it’s not always that she only will have to do it even when she is not well or the task is too much that she is not able to rest for eg she is doing cooking, cleaning, farming and taking care of kids as well then he should also be there to share the responsibility with her as his own because they are of both and not only her part.

Things may still remain the same as who is doing what but once this thought process changes, homes will be happier and stress or suppression of one’s dreams by throwing shared responsibilities on one head will be a thing of stories, then equality will prevail and discrimination will go.

हां मगर इसका मतलब ये नहीं कि एक ओफिस जाता है तो दूसरा उसका इंतज़ार करे कि वो आएगा तभी दोनों काम करेंगें बल्कि जो घर है वो काम करे पर बात यह है कि इसके लिए उसके सपनों को न बिखेरा जाय और ना ही ये समझा जाय कि यह केवल उसी का काम है।

बल्कि ये समझा जाय कि काम तो दोनों का ही है जिसके पास जितना वक्त हो वैसे बांट लो। बस।

काम तो वैसे ही होगा बस सोच का अंतर बदलना होगा तो घर खुशहाल हो जाएगा। और तब भेद मिटेगा समानता आ आगमन होगा।

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