Humans being artificial

Human have become artificial with technology I’ll Say that they have forgotten being natural.

The real faces have been lost somewhere behind mobiles with the help of technology.

it’s ruining the natural behavior of humans, they are neither able to listen their inner voices not to the nature outside. Their entire world seems to be caged within these idiot boxes where they claim to be part of the global world but are actually disconnected to their dear ones.

Think over it and share your views please.🙏🙏


  1. We are further disconnecting ourselves from our own nature. Technology creates a bigger separation than the illusion it creates of bridging distance. We should always remember we are emotional, social beings and rooted to nature and the environment around us. Breaking this connection leads to distraught, emotional instability, stress among other strains. I agree with you

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  2. Yes, I am put off by the sight of so many sitting in a row and their eyes glued to a phone. If i a m with people, I attend to them. Only if there is a private matter, which is best not broadcast to present company, will I text someone who is in the same room, or nearby.

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