The toughest exam passed 🤐🤣😉 #Halwa #cooking

At times you just carve to cook something and get it done. And by the way it comes up really testy then the feeling of people like me, who don’t generally like cooking, I actually cannot describe into words.

this was time when finally I won the battle of Halwa on the last day of Navratra, called Ashtmi in India.

First you realise that how easy it was to demand everything from your mother and she, without any ifs and buts, fulfilled your wishes as a kid till your youth and when you start living alone it’s all seems even higher than The Himalayas (at least to me).

Now I know, why mothers are called great or even greater than the almighty itself.

When I first put Ghee and later Rava and started backing it, it was really tough for me to decide that which smell is perfect one and when to put water and how much.

Ah! It was the toughest exam But finally conquered the battle.

Enjoy guys 😉🤣😊


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