#Bhagat_Singh and #love

Bhagat Singh has been the youth icon for Indians since long and he will remain so, therefore many people have tried to misquote him to spread hatred.

This is not just now that false things have been attached with his name, it happened even when he was there and since then it continues.

Also being from a farmer family he had to pay the price and called a terrorist which he was not. Not he ever supported violence in general. Had he believed that he would not had just put the bomb to create some fear rather would have blasted them all to death.

He also said many times that revolution can be brought by ideas and not by shading blood.

But unfortunately even Gandhi ji misquoted him and spread lies.

Likewise many of his documents written in the jail were destroyed. Even now to gain some sympathy from the youth and seek support to their agenda many right wing people spread lies in his name that he was hanged on this day or he was against love but both are blank statements.

But what he actually said about love is here that love always elevates character of a man and never lowers him.

I really feel the same and want to add my observation that those who mix love and lust are those who hate love and they never respect the pious love since their minds are only timed to see the dirt.


  1. Bhagat Singh, a socialist revolutionary who fought for the independence of India together with other members of the Association of the Hindustan Republic.
    His revolutionary ideas start from his childhood, where he witnessed the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, and end on the day he was hanged, March 23, 1931.
    Unfortunately, nowadays, with the confusion that we live in, their deteactors have been used to distort their ideals.
    A reference for the youth who is not influenced by the lies that are told about him.
    A good read
    Manuel Angel

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