#Subhash_chandra_bose and #injustice or #Crime

He once Saudi that is so true but right now India atleast and US too are going opposite up-to much extent. He said that it is the greatest Crime to bear injustice and To compromise with the wrong.

This is what was also done by the women who compromised with their dignity in the name of family peace and sacrificed their lives and happiness for others and that became a liability when they gradually accepted to be slaves of patriarchy.

Now the situation is that they themselves are preaching the same. And when any of them questions mostly the other one will try to supress without realising that she is just doing what they all must do years ago. And when any man helps them live with dignity in some cases then they think it’s mercy if the man whereas the fact is that they are neither slaves of men nor they need to sacrifice for his happiness unless it’s mutual. (must not be forced). Nor they are responsible to be quiet for their own rights. If they do that they are responsible to their situation and contributing the injustice to grow.

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