My favorite trio from India!!

From right to left I’ll introduce to you all there of them. The right most and tallest of all is Late Mr Dara Singh Randhawa, Indian Professional Wrestler, actor and politician.

The middle one is Padm Sri Milkha Singh former Indian track and field sprinter.

And the Left most is the Wizard of Hockey Late Major Dhyanchand.

Now we’ll know about them a little better.

Rustam-e-Hind Dara Singh – (19th November, 1928 to 12th July 2012). Born in Amritsar, Punjab.The Hanuman of most popular Ramanand Sagar Ramayana in India, started acting in 1952 and first sports person to be nominated to Rajya Sabha (upper house of the Indian parliament). He is in the legacy catagory of WWE Hall of fame class of 2018. He is famous for his undefeated wrestling career, worldwide (1948-1983). None could defeat him ever. Started Dara Studio at Mohali, Punjab in 1978.

The Flying Sikkh Milkha Singh – Born in around 1930 at. First Indian Athelete to win Gold in Commonwealth games. Gold in Asian games in 1958 and 1962. Represented India in 1956 summer Olympics at Melbourne, then 1960 and 1964.

Magician of Hockey Major Dhyan Chand – (19th August 1905 to 3rd December 1979) born at Allahabad. Regarded as the greatest player in the history of Hockey and therefore was offered to be part of British hockey team which he rejected. Known for his extraordinary goal scoring feats. Three Olympics gold are in his name in 1928, 1932 and 1936. Played internationally from 1926 to 1949. Honored with Padm Bhashan In 1956 and his birthday is celebrated as the National Sports Day.

I salute to all three of them.


    1. True… I just love him in every way, his simplicity is the thing which atleast I didn’t find in any other actor except Waheeda Rahman Ji (though I’ll accept that I watch less movies but still) and especially I watch Ramayana because of two people’s perfect acting Him as Hanumana and Mr Arun as Rama 😊
      Thank you so much for the reflection and blessings Sir

      Liked by 1 person

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