Women: good or bad!!

Anyone can be good or bad as per his or her nature. Right??

Unfortunately, this is wrong 🤐.


Because this applies only to males and that too when their behavior is judged against the other male only. If it’s against their female partner or colleagues or mother or sister then it’s always he is right and she is wrong.

like that this quote says that- our looks towards a strong lady like a cheater /bad /characterless person because they don’t know what is the other way to control her and they cannot see her go ahead because their ego hurts. At times I find that how weak their ego is that gets hurt every now and then, then what is the point of keeping it and that is why Indian Society is going backwards because they are busy in relationships their ego everytime and connect focus on the growth as human being.


  1. Wow – that meme is so sad. So many men are so scared, it seems. Why are they afraid of strong women? Are they worried that they’re not good enough that women will only stay with them if they’re dependent on them? I would feel awful if I thought the only way a woman would be with me was that they were unable to make it on their own. On the other hand, when a strong woman loves you, it is like a blessing. I hope more men come to recognize this.

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    1. Absolutely true!! You have a beautiful heart. I too wish that more men could think like this and they could actually feel blessed with the love.
      The truth in the back of the mind is the fear which you indicated rightly but they show it in the sense that what is the need for a woman to work, they are meant to bear and raise babies and do the household things and have to beg for money so that they realize that men are bread earners and are more important to the family and the women are therefore supposed to follow them and keep mum in the decisions for family.
      I wonder and feel pity for those men who decide for women without telling them and expect that they will be puppet of their fingers but when women happen to ask them question about that their tiny ego gets hurt 🤐🤐
      And also feel pity at those who feel satisfied in their life when they torture their wives showing them authority that they own them but the reality is that they are so frustrated with the patriarchal system that they don’t know how to release their emotions and then they cannot make any moral way to go ahead due to their narrow mindset, even if they earn a lot never live a happy life coz they try to find happiness in an inhuman way.

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      1. All so true – and so sad. Another sad thing is that men don’t realize what a happy life they could have if they treated their partner as equals. They are quite literally fighting the thing that could make their life so much happier and more peaceful. May more and more men come to realize this in the future.

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        1. Absolutely true… I wish more male could understand this… When I look around even in my generation I find some are really enjoying their life but most are going through the dilemma within as they watch movies and want to live happily like that but they think women’s freedom is what they give and if they start making their own decisions then they are out of their control. I don’t understand why they cannot accept their wives with a mobile when they know she loves only then him and when the wife laughs some of them don’t hesitate to comment on their character and if she talks to people around with a smile which is normal then some try to call them a slut or bitch or something like this derogatory remark which is really shocking among the so called educated elites 🤯🙊🙈🙉


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