Dilemma of Indian Judiciary??

Really ??


Oh! ! You or me are none to comment here.


Because otherwise it’s gonna be a contempt of court and you will be then called to the court to seek apologies.

IN case you decline to do that court will again be in dilemma… What to do with you or me or whoever speaks.

Meanwhile our PPP mode Government and quiet peaceful intelligent spectators and shining media will declare you anti national.

oops 😵😕what to do then?

keep sleeping 😴

you know why it happened because she was a lady talking about particular thing belonging to a particularly religion and then how can she have freedom… No freedom to a**********l

but he is a patriot… Barking dogs are more useful than biting ones — someone said it (not me so please don’t blame me🙏🙏 I only say jai hind, jai Bharat Jay modi).


    1. Yes!! Thank you so much Sir for the kind concern but I’ll just beg some time as to find reliable link also with sufficient info as we are following it since long so it’s easy to reflect but I want to give you authentic link to be in the position to Judge rationally. the background in short is that so called Indian Nationalism has divided people at the large scale in India and Arnab has been mouth of BJP govt on Media soughting and abusing others and calling everyone anti national who questions the Government action even rationally. And Safoora was a student activist (with all big drawbacks in India -a female, a muslim, from jamia millia and spoke against citizenship amendment act recently and then found pregnant OMG 😱).

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