Success and Failure

They say that failure is the key to success. If you learn from failure and grow ahead… You are the winner 😊😊🎉

The growth mindset is a must that says we never fail, either we succeed or learn. FAIL itself says First Attempt In Learning. See opportunity everywhere.

Those with the fixed mindset have Fear of failure. They desire to look smart but afraid of looking incapable or take risk. Therefore avoid changes and unwilling to learn from others or improve their style of work. This makes them unable to take feedbacks as they take it all in a negative or personal way, which doesn’t let them accept it positively and improve.

This is why we need to have a growth mindset, as they are people who are constantly learning and desire to learn, enjoy challenges, embrace change, adapt it easily, not afraid to fail rather ready to pay off and kick again and finally they take criticism as a tool to learn and grow.


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