Remembering childhood without mobiles

It was really really great to see this video which I just saw on the what’s app group.

But it was too touchy to avoid as I have been through this beautiful phase of life. So relaxing.

many times I received comments that life without mobiles is impossible, but it is possible see here one of the ways how 😊😊. Though it’s true that technology has made it easier but not impossible without it is wrong.

Hope you too enjoy the video 👍🤩



  1. I loved seeing this and remember doing things just like this as a kid myself. I’m hopeful that things will swing back in the other direction more after people start to see what life immersed in mobile phones looks like.

    On the plus side I will say that at least for the moment, India seems to be doing better in this respect. I see more kids out playing in the neighbourhood – especially when I’m staying in Jaipur. Kids are playing in the parks and even still going out without their parents, relying instead on the people in the neighbourhood to look out for them as people did when we were little. I know it’s not like it was in years past both here and there, but mobiles haven’t had quite the same toll (yet?).

    I wonder if, post-pandemic if people will be so excited about seeing one another in person that we’ll see less phone use. I hope so.

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  2. Il video mi crea molta nostalgia ma tutti noi viviamo il presente di oggi è proprio i bambini non saprebbero più adattarsi al passato.
    Grazie per avere visitato il mio blog Ne ho molto piacere❣❣❣

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    1. Thank you so very much for the reflections dear …. though I could translate half the things only …. but really thank ou so much for your time and kind words 🙂 ❤


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