Stress can cause miscarriage


You have read it correctly.

It was really sad to know that people who are having babies after lot of trouble loose it on the way just because of stress but I have heard from two of my friends, this week only that the Reason for their miscarriage was diagnosed as the stress they took.

One of them was worried about complications she was facing because she was already over 30 and another had it after lot of struggles to convince her husband to get this baby because she wanted to be a mother and there had been a long time gone to their marriage, also her job was gone therefore she wanted to have a baby and due to all this stress she lost her baby.

Girls Please don’t take any sort of stress and Guys please understand your wives too.

It gets really hard at times when your marriage happened long back and you are free now and sitting alone all the day and thinking of baby as it gives you lot of stress.

IN This situation husbands need to understand and explain their wives as why they actually are not ready to bear the responsibility or spend more time with her to bring her out of stress. At the end of the day she is your life partner.

And girls need to understand that may be there is some problem going on with your partner which he is hesitating to share and at the right time he will be ready to go ahead.

but no stress please in any given situation as it disbalances your hormones which are already not stable. More danger it to loose it even before first period miss. Meaning stress will not even let you conceive and if done the first month is critical with stress and may cause you greater harm.


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