A message to #men

On this international day for men. I thank you for being there especially as fathers but also as Brothers, Husband, or loyal friends to all those ladies who could get educated and have voice even in after being born in this hardcore patriarchal society.

Though I’ll not say that it was not their right and you gave them rather I thank you for the fact that you didn’t snatch their right and helped them get it.

do thank you so very much.


    1. My pleasure dear… I believe most men are amazing and patriarchy is a curse for them too 🤐 they have to double fight it.
      And I salute to all those who dare do that and don’t be devil with themselves as well as with their loved ones. 😊🙏

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      1. Rightly Said
        Can’t help, because they have their reasons to hate, judge and suppress , can’t discard but yes it hurts when u r placed and plotted in groups though u r not from the same .. Thanks again

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