That’s true

When a man is tired he goes to woman

when he is broken he goes to her

when he is bored here goes to her

that shows it is she who saves him from all this also repairs her broken ego and prepares him for the next day but he still has to try the same ego on her only coz cannot show on the boss 🙈🙉🙊


    1. Yeah you are absolutely right… But that applies only for those very few who understand that and in countries like India you will rarely find anyone who even supports his daughter but not his wife the same way


    1. Absolutely… That’s the way to make life beautiful… I just cannot even imagine how can one not understand a person’s feelings who lives with him or her 24*7 and gives up her family for him but because nothing changed for him he doesn’t wanna care for her 🤐

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        1. Yeah… But you know here is a twist again… We rarely realize it unless it happens with our family members… Or unless we get married… I saw so many things after my friends revealed so many things and I started observing things from their side as well… Otherwise from outside everything seems normal

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          1. Oh, I’ve noticed that myself as well when I used to live in India….almost “ghar-ghar ki kahani”….but that scene can be for both women & men (partners) in European countries….that’s what I was trying to convey….

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