2022 MLB your regular broadcast

MLB on FOX Sports

  • FOX shows baseball nights in America on the best Saturday nights of the summer with free games in September. FS1 shows Saturday games and selected games in the middle of the week.

  • Joe Davis is the playwright’s new main character for FOX, with the addition of John Smoltz. They will call the Los Angeles All-Star Game, the return of the Field of Dreams game in Iowa (Reds vs. Cubs) and the 2022 World Series.

  • FS1 and FOX will show both the National League Division Series and the Championship Series.

  • MLB Whiparound on FS1 reports on games, news and ongoing analysis.

  • MLB on FOX / FS1 can be streamed on FOX Sports.com and the app.

Main broadcast: Joe Davis, John Smoltz, Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci (by season)

Game by game: Adam Amin, Kevin Burkhardt, Aaron Goldsmith, Len Kasper, Don Orsillo

Experts: AJ Pierzynski, Eric Karros, Tom Verducci

Reporters: Jon Paul Morosi, Ken Rosenthal, Tom Verducci

Studio: Burkhardt, Chris Myers; Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher, Mark Sweeney, David Ortiz (season only)

MLB on FS1 early schedule

  • 4/9: Red Sox at Yankees 4 p.m.
  • 4/11: Mets at Phillies (Monday) 6:30 p.m.
  • 16/4: Braves at Padres 16:00
  • 23/4: White Sox on Twins 16:00
  • 4/30: Angels at the White Sox 4pm; Phillies at the Mets 7 p.m.
  • 5/07: Tiger on the Astros, 4pm; Cardinals at Giants 19:00

Ríkisútvarp FOX, 19:00

  • 28/5: Cubs on White Sox; Phillies at the Mets; Dodgers at Diamondbacks
  • 6/4: Cardinals at Cubs; Angels in the Phillies
  • 6/11: Cubs at Yankees; Giants Dodgers
  • 18/6: Guardians of the Dodgers; Cardinals at the Red Sox
  • 25/6: Reds on Giants; Dodgers at Braves
  • 7/2: Red socks for the Cubs; Padres of the Dodgers
  • 7/9: Yankees at Red Sox; Giants of Padres
  • 7/16: Red Sox of the Yankees; Brewers at the Giants
  • 19/7: MLB All-Star Game in Los Angeles
  • 23/7: Guardians of the White Sox; Giants of the Dodgers
  • 30/7: Cardinals at Nationals; Phillies of the Pirates; A at the White Sox
  • 8/6: Yankees at Cardinals; Red at Brewers
  • 8/11: Field of Dreams game: Reds vs. Cubs in Iowa (fi)
  • 8/13: Yankees at Red Sox; Sailors at Rangers
  • 20/8: Astros on Braves; Sailors at A; Mets in the Phillies
  • 27/8: Giants on the Twins; Braves at the Cardinals
  • 9/3: Sailors at the Guardians; Nationals at the Mets
  • 9/10: Angels on Astros; Red at Brewers

ESPN Sunday night baseball

  • Sunday Night Baseball returns for its 33rd season on ESPN, with 25 games scheduled for 2022. ESPN will show up to 30 games this season, with the option to broadcast selected games on ABC. ESPN will no longer show the games of the week on a regular basis.

  • The new broadcast team Sunday Night Baseball will be Karl Ravech in game after game, with the experts David Cone and Eduardo Perez. Doug Glanville joins Jon Sciambi as the new SNB team on ESPN Radio.

  • Sunday night baseball with Kay-Rod: Alex Rodriguez and Michael Kay will host a select number of other SNB broadcasts, simultaneously on ESPN2.

  • ESPN will showcase all the best of three Wild Card series this fall. ESPN Radio will cover the entire MLB Postseason, including the 2022 World Series.

  • ESPN will show special events, including the Home Run Derby and the 2022 Little League Classic at Williamsport (Red Sox vs. Orioles).

  • SNB will stream on all ESPN systems. ESPN + will stream selected RSN games daily.

Sunday night baseball: Karl Ravech, David Cone, Eduardo Perez

SNB on ESPN Radio: Jon Sciambi and Doug Glanville

SNB with Kay-Rod (ESPN2; 8 episodes): Alex Rodriguez, Michael Kay

Other talents: Jessica Mendoza, Marly Rivera, Buster Olney, Tim Kurkjian, Jeff Passan, Jesse Rogers

ESPN / Sunday night baseball program, 7 p.m.

  • 4/7: Red on Braves (Thu / ESPN2)
  • 4/10: Red Sox of the Yankees
  • 17/4: Braves on the Padres
  • 24/4: Brewers at Phillies
  • 5/1: Phillies at the Mets
  • 5/7: Brewers on Braves (Sat / ESPN2)
  • 5/8: Dodgers for the Cubs
  • 15/5: Giants at the Cardinals
  • 22/5: White Sox of the Yankees
  • 5/29: Phillies on the Mets (ESPN2)
  • 7/3: Cardinals at Phillies
  • 7/10: Yankees at Red Sox
  • 21/8: Red Sox at Orioles (Little League Classic)

MLB on TBS Tuesday night

  • MLB on TBS will air until Tuesday night for the 2022 season and will show a weekly game schedule throughout the season.

  • MLB on TBS will also premiere a new 30-minute preview each week under the direction of Ernie Johnson or Lauren Shehadi, featuring Curtis Granderson, Jimmy Rollins and the Hall of Fame Pedro Martinez.

  • Brian Anderson and Ron Darling return as TBS’s lead radio crew, with Bob Costas also serving as the game’s broadcaster and Jeff Francoeur as a game expert.

  • TBS will broadcast the American League Postseason, including the Divisional Series and the American League Championship Series.

  • MLB on TBS feeds on TBS.com and app.

MLB on TBS Tuesday night program

  • 4/12: Padres at the Giants, 9:30 p.m.
  • 19/4: Braves at Dodgers, 10 p.m.
  • 26/4: Mets at Cardinals, 19:30
  • 5/3: Giants at Dodgers, 10 p.m.
  • 5/10: Red Sox at Braves, 7 p.m.
  • 17/5: Astros at Red Sox, 7 p.m.
  • 24/5: Brewers at Padres, 9:30 p.m.
  • 31/5: Angels at Yankees, 7 p.m.
  • 6/7: Dodgers at the White Sox, 8 p.m.
  • 6/14: Rays at Yankees, 7 p.m.
  • 21/6: Giants at Braves, 7 p.m.
  • 28/6: Astros at the Mets, 19:00


  • MLB Network presents 24-hour coverage of Major League Baseball with live games, studio shows, original programming and baseball-oriented movies.

  • MLB Tonight is the flagship studio show featuring news, analysis and live coverage at night.

  • MLB Network Showcase will produce and broadcast selected games. They will include on-site and studio games and select other broadcasts.

  • MLBN will show two games from each NLDS Postseason series in October.

  • MLB Network broadcasts live games from RSN (with local power outages).

  • The MLB Network can be streamed on MLB.com and on all MLB streaming platforms with cable / satellite subscriptions.

Daily programming MLB Network

  • 9:00: MLB Central with Lauren Shehadi, Robert Flores, Mark DeRosa
  • 13:00: High Heat with Christopher ‘Mad Dog’ Russo
  • 14:00: MLB Now with Brian Kenny
  • 15:00: Off Base with Lauren Gardner
  • 16:00: Intentional conversation with Kevin Millar, Stephen Nelson
  • 17:00: Foreplay with Matt Vasgersian
  • 18:00: MLB tonight
  • 01:00: Quick Pitch

Additional / alternative programs

  • Saturday morning: Play ball; Breakdown of the MLB network

  • Highlights / Analysis: Diamond Shows; MLB Network Countdown; Hot Stove (offseason)

  • Features: MLB Network Presents (documentaries), Bleacher Features (movies)

  • Special: Sounds of the Game, 2022 MLB Draft, Epic Innings

MLB Network Showcase Schedule April

  • 4/7: Red Sox of the Yankees
  • 4/12: Mets at Phillies
  • 14/4: Blue Jays for the Yankees
  • 18/4: Braves for the Dodgers
  • 23/4: Dodgers on the Padres
  • 28/4: Cubs on Braves


  • Apple TV + will stream exclusive Friday nights with a double head during the regular season. All games will be produced by MLB Network. Apple TV will also broadcast MLB Big Inning, with highlights and live insights every night.

Friday night baseball on Apple TV +

  • 4/8: Records at the national tournament; Astros at Angels
  • 4/15: Rays on the White Sox; Dodgers’ reds
  • 22/4: Cardinals at Reds; Rangers at Freestyle
  • 29/4: Yankees at Royals; Giants National Tournament
  • 5/6: White Sox on Red Sox; Rays of sailors
  • 5/13: Padres of the Braves; Cubs at Diamondbacks
  • 20/5: Cardinals of the Pirates; Rangers at the Astros
  • 27/5: Orioles on the Red Sox; Blue Jays for the Angels
  • 6/3: Yankees Tiger; Brave of the Rockies
  • 6/10: Rays in twins; Records for Angels
  • 6/17: White Sox on Astros; Dodgers guardians
  • 24/6: Cubs at the Cardinals; Tigerbacks at Diamondbacks


  • Peacock will stream 18 exclusive Sunday games, with the first six games on the schedule starting at 11:30 a.m. and the last 12 games starting at noon. NBC Sports will be producing these games from May. The All-Star Futures Game will also be shown at Peacock in July.

MLB on Peacock

  • 5/8: White Sox on Red Sox
  • 5/15: Padres on the Braves
  • 22/5: Cardinals of the Pirates
  • 29/5: Giants at Reds
  • 6/5: Tigers on the Yankees
  • 6/12: Guardians freestyle
  • 19/6: Phillies at Nationals
  • 26/6: Marlins’ record
  • 7/3: Royals for the Tigers
  • 7/10: Angels at Orioles
  • 17/7: Royals at the Blue Jays
  • 24/7: Cubs at Phillies
  • 31/7: Tigers with the Blue Jays
  • 8/7: Astros at the Guardians
  • 8/14: Padres at Nationals
  • 21/8: White Sox for the Guardians
  • 28/8: Dodgers at Marlins
  • 9/4: Blue Jays for the Pirates

Second stream

  • Amazon Prime will have exclusive streaming rights to 21 New York Yankees games, produced by YES Network, and available in the team’s territories (NY, NJ, CT, part PA). The feed will include increased real-time statistics and player information.
  • MLB.TV and MLB At Bat stream all national and regional games, including the post-season. The service includes a free daily game (local power outages apply). The entire package is free for T-Mobile subscribers.

Cable / satellite

  • MLB Extra Innings broadcasts all non-national games on cable or satellite TV (local power outage applies).

  • MLB Strike Zone shows live clips from MLB games on Tuesday and Friday nights on cable or satellite TV.

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