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Love, love and only you love

Yes, I wanna say it to youYes, you who is reading thisBecause you are a part of this natureA part of human familyYou are bound to follow the rulesAndThe rule of nature isTo spread loveNot hatredNot enmityNot jealousyNot to be a destroyerNature taught us to spread loveAnd laughterAndTo be a constructerTherefore believe meYou, me, andContinue reading “Love, love and only you love”

My first international tour- India to UK- 2

This was the Istanbul International Airport, and my flight was already late by one and a half hours to reach here. There was only 2 hours gap given for the change of the flight here and it was really a long time taking process here, due to tight security, where your jacket, all pockets, belts,Continue reading “My first international tour- India to UK- 2”