सदाबहार ग़ालिब : Always connected with Ghalib

Again we are talking about the writings of Mirza Ghalib, because I find him a never ending topic for the lifetime. Because of the following lines especially. देखना तक़रीर की लज़्ज़त कि जो उस ने कहा मैं ने ये जाना कि गोया ये भी मेरे दिल में है. It says that see the pleasure ofContinue reading “सदाबहार ग़ालिब : Always connected with Ghalib”

News Paper: Rahat Indori अखबार की बात : राहत इन्दोरी

He was born on Jan 1st, 1950, in Indore and has been professor of Urdu in Indore University. He has written songs for many bollywood movies and many books. He talks about the present day situations even today, there are very few who can dare do that. हर हकीकत को मेरी, खाक समझने वालेमैं तेरीContinue reading “News Paper: Rahat Indori अखबार की बात : राहत इन्दोरी”

Ghalib- ahead of his times: ग़ालिब- वक़्त से आगे

As we have discussed in earlier post that Ghalib was a great person who was synthesis of Indian as well as Percian or outside cultures, same as we have cultural combination in India since ages and till the time we had that we were happily living together but now we need to save the culturalContinue reading “Ghalib- ahead of his times: ग़ालिब- वक़्त से आगे”

Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -2

Now we come straight on the agenda issue… most of us were thinking some sensible outcome atleast at the time of the capital city elections, but it has proved itself as a totally hopeless party, breaking my heart entirely when I tried to analyse the things and connected the dots after listening to them orContinue reading “Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -2”

Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -1

Though you might find it worthless to talk about it since the biggest rulling party of India at present has no agenda for the development forget about the sustainable development and therefore I found it important that how people can be befooled and even after the rubbish is so clearly thrown on the faces ofContinue reading “Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -1”

हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम- ग़ालिब on everything you say- by Ghalib

This is relevant even in the relationship of the Present day Government and the people asking questions and also applicable on the relationship where one person tries to dominate the other from all sides especially the husbands do under impression of Patriarchal set up, when they think of owning their wives. It says that everyContinue reading “हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम- ग़ालिब on everything you say- by Ghalib”

Mirza Ghalib – मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

Mirza Ghalib was an amazing person and today I want my readers to know this, most of the people from India or Pakistan, know about it a little for sure because we can encounter with his ‘Sher’ (Lines) or ‘Ghazals’ (Poetry) about every aspect of life. But, I want the entire world know about thisContinue reading “Mirza Ghalib – मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब”

हम न कहते थे?? : A Poem by Zannissar Akhtar

I want to post this here because it is actually sooo relevant to the present day situations of many big democracies of the world like India!! This says that this land will bear murderers and the blood of martyrs will go in vain… as it is going right now… as our great freedom fighters haveContinue reading “हम न कहते थे?? : A Poem by Zannissar Akhtar”

मीडिया का नायक (Choice of media): गिरीश मालवीय

ये बात मई यहाँ इसलिए कॉपी और पेस्ट कर रही हु ताकि इसमें छिपे प्रश्नो पर हम सब मिलकर गौर कर सके और इन सब हरकतों के पीछे के नाटक को समझ कर सजग हो सके. “एक है शरजील इमाम ओर एक है अखिल गोगोई, दोनों का ही ताल्लुक CAA के विरोध से है लेकिनContinue reading “मीडिया का नायक (Choice of media): गिरीश मालवीय”