Class based love jehad

#love_jehad … You must have heard of this term for sure if you are an Indian or take interest in the news from India. This is a very low standard political problem which raises it’s head every now and then. it basically targets the middle class inter religious marriages, by creating unrest in the nameContinue reading “Class based love jehad”

Real Men

Real and strong men fights with the circumstances and go ahead as a conqueror. and the weaker men just keep fighting with women to show themselves superior and remain a looser for lifetime. Be a real man, follow equality, be a support , don’t snatch other’s right to speak and freedom, then only you canContinue reading “Real Men”

You are not replaceable

You Are important, never underestimate yourself. This Feeling is also Source of energy and well being for you. Try it out. Trust yourself, talk to yourself because you are the most beautiful and important person in your life. Everyone is unique because nature never goes purposeless. If you won’t value yourself none else is goingContinue reading “You are not replaceable”

You can do it

You know the nature supports us when we believe in something. This is why we say prayers get fulfilled. Because when we say to God and believe firmly actually we say it to overselves and work towards it, otherwise prayers too fail. Do trust yourself and go ahead. 👍👍


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Hi, I’m Rachana. A Law Graduate and social activist, I became a freelance writer in 2020 during lockdown. I spend most of my time with my Family and books but this blog is for my love of Poetry and to stay in touch with the like minded people! For motivation, learning and sharing I have started this blog.

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