Our Education system and Critical Thinking: the way forward??

This article is with the main focus on the Indian Education System which is unable to develop critical thinkers, but many things are relevant to the world at large. You will understand the connection gradually while reading. We generally curse our system and try to get rid of our responsibilities but that is not theContinue reading “Our Education system and Critical Thinking: the way forward??”

Manager or Leader?? -1

“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” said Tom Peters. Many of us get confused as to who we call a manager or a leader or which qualities we need to focus on if we are aspiring to be one. Let’s start removing the confusion now First a Manager hasContinue reading “Manager or Leader?? -1”

Success and Failure

They say that failure is the key to success. If you learn from failure and grow ahead… You are the winner 😊😊🎉 The growth mindset is a must that says we never fail, either we succeed or learn. FAIL itself says First Attempt In Learning. See opportunity everywhere. Those with the fixed mindset have FearContinue reading “Success and Failure”

Your Journey as a Leader

First you need to have the ambition and ability to be a leader as we discussed in the last article called “13 Mindset Skills to be a Leader” @ https://rachanadhaka.com/2020/11/05/13-mindset-skills-to-be-a-leader/ Now we will move ahead here we will see how to start the journey and move on- The moment you read the earlier article andContinue reading “Your Journey as a Leader”