Sardar Bhagat Singh Said!!

Not only because he has been my favourite hero, I am saying this, rather you can see why here. He was so clear in his mind and he actually possessed noble ideas with brilliant understanding of things at the ground level, due to which he actually deserves more attention, respect and recognition. Had his ideasContinue reading “Sardar Bhagat Singh Said!!”

An Indian poet and freedom-fighter Ashafaq Ullah Khan

On the last night of his life, before going to kiss the gallows for the freedom of the nation, he was talking with his best friend and another freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil, with whom he lived and welcomed death for our free India. He said I will go empty handed but this pain willContinue reading “An Indian poet and freedom-fighter Ashafaq Ullah Khan”

अशफ़ाकउल्ला ख़ां : आह्वान Ashfaq Ullah Khan: A Call

कस ली है कमर अब तो, कुछ करके दिखाएंगे,आज़ाद ही हो लेंगे, या सर ही कटा देंगे। हटने के नहीं पीछे, डरकर कभी जुल्मों से,तुम हाथ उठाओगे, हम पैर बढ़ा देंगे। बेशस्त्र नहीं हैं हम, बल है हमें चरख़े का,चरख़े से ज़मीं को हम, ता चर्ख़ गुंजा देंगे। परवा नहीं कुछ दम की, ग़म कीContinue reading “अशफ़ाकउल्ला ख़ां : आह्वान Ashfaq Ullah Khan: A Call”

अशफ़ाकउल्ला ख़ां Ashfaq Ullah Khan: Indian Freedom Fighter

Hello friends!! I want to make you meet such an astonishing person who was one of the young heroes of Indian freedom struggle, He was friend of Sardar Bhagat Singh, though these guys have a lot of roles to play at the ground level and I find them back bone of Gandhi but they wereContinue reading “अशफ़ाकउल्ला ख़ां Ashfaq Ullah Khan: Indian Freedom Fighter”