Message through Corona Epidemic

(Before I start I want to make it clear that I being an Indian, am more familiar with India, and therefore I will be using more examples from India than the rest of the world, therefore please do not misunderstand me that it all is happening only in India, rather all similar things are happeningContinue reading “Message through Corona Epidemic”

Ambassador and Diplomat

Who is a Diplomat? A diplomat is someone who goes to another entity with the authorization of their head of the state. He is an ambassador carrying their accreditation to another sovereign authority. However, there is confusion whether or not anyone other than an official ambassador can be a diplomat. There are ambassadors in otherContinue reading “Ambassador and Diplomat”

Success and failure of Diplomacy

Success of Diplomacy As we know that the ‘dialogue’ is the first or basic need for the process of diplomacy to start and keep it going. It was always the part of Human Affairs since the evolution of ancient civilization when the leaders of tribe used to send their delegates to represent their say toContinue reading “Success and failure of Diplomacy”

Qualities of a Good Diplomat

As we have seen that diplomacy needs communication, representation and negotiation and the basic of all this is a dialogue. Therefore, basic quality of a good Diplomat is that of a good communicator, who can hit when the iron is hot and for this he need to have patience, perseverance, and creative enough. At timesContinue reading “Qualities of a Good Diplomat”

कूटनीति क्या है? What is Diplomacy?

Hello friends!! जैसे ही हम सुनते हैं ‘कूटनीति’, तब सबसे पहले हमारे दिमाग में क्या आता है?शायद हारी नज़रो के सामने ऐसी प्रतिकृति दौड़ने लगती है जिसमे देश का कोई नेता दूसरे देश के नेता से हाथ मिला रहा होता है या फिर किसी संधि पर हस्ताक्षर कर रहा होता है. दशकों से यही परिभाषाContinue reading “कूटनीति क्या है? What is Diplomacy?”