And the Delhi elections results are out!!

(Sorry for the delay in this post… it was due from 11th of Feb,2020, when the election results were out… but that time I was too overwhelmed with joy to write anything:D) Yes finally!! the much awaited and much bluffed about, election results are out. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party- common mens’ party) has won theContinue reading “And the Delhi elections results are out!!”

Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -2

Now we come straight on the agenda issue… most of us were thinking some sensible outcome atleast at the time of the capital city elections, but it has proved itself as a totally hopeless party, breaking my heart entirely when I tried to analyse the things and connected the dots after listening to them orContinue reading “Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -2”

Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -1

Though you might find it worthless to talk about it since the biggest rulling party of India at present has no agenda for the development forget about the sustainable development and therefore I found it important that how people can be befooled and even after the rubbish is so clearly thrown on the faces ofContinue reading “Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -1”