Ignorance hurts!! Do not Let them take you for granted, just because you loved!!

It really hurts when you love someone and they keep on ignoring you and not only that they say it all worthless, when you try to make efforts to make it all good. It was not everything going okay between the two of them, since their marriage, as he started calling her worthless. She usedContinue reading “Ignorance hurts!! Do not Let them take you for granted, just because you loved!!”

Why this “EGO” comes in relations?

I really want to find it out friends, but I do not really know why does it comes in between the relations of care and love. 😦 I have seen many cases where the wife submits herself to the husband entirely, but still H tries to show her some authority, as if he is possessingContinue reading “Why this “EGO” comes in relations?”

A Shocking Surprise- The Pre-wedding Photo-shoot

It may seem to you a bit different or unbelievable but this is the reality for many. Only three days left for their marriage and there was not even imagination of any pre-wedding photo-shoot in her mind, one because this was not the part of village culture till then, and two because even if theyContinue reading “A Shocking Surprise- The Pre-wedding Photo-shoot”

That bike ride with him <3

This was the day of their pre-wedding photo shoot, two days before the wedding. The exercise of clicking pics was already over, they have not yet had any conversation, except telling to each other to be calm and smile for the pose and not to hesitate. They were both getting too hesitate in talking toContinue reading “That bike ride with him <3”

A series … about ‘Husband and Wife’ relation

It was since 2015 when i started observing the couples around me and their lives and since then there have been many good or bad or funny or sad incidents have come in front of me. This was the year, actually, when my close friends (girls as well boys) started getting married and talks aboutContinue reading “A series … about ‘Husband and Wife’ relation”