#Discrimination and #Equality #समानता और #भेदभाव

At times we don’t actually realise while saying something , because our social norms are influenced with patriarchy that even if we don’t have anything like that in mind we just unconsciously say it and also perceive it that ways, unless we are conscious enough about our thoughts/words/the practices around us. This is what theContinue reading “#Discrimination and #Equality #समानता और #भेदभाव”

Women and pay औरत की कमाई

The lines say that the day women will ask for payment of their work (it’s about housewives who keep on working entire day and they have extra duty on festivals and holidays, who spend their lives in making the house a home to live and turn the money into food and human bodies into lives)Continue reading “Women and pay औरत की कमाई”