Eagles News: Philadelphia has “kept in touch” with Tyrant Mathieu

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Rapoport: Saints at the top of the list of possible Tyrann Mathieu landing sites – NFL.com
Q: What’s the latest about Tyrann Mathieu? … MIKE GARAFOLO: Seems to have had a good visit with the Saints yesterday. There are several teams that have continued to communicate. I know one of them is the Philadelphia Eagles. I know there has been talk of a visit but nothing has come up between Mathieu and the Eagles.

Matt Corral says he received an official visit for a draft with the Eagles – BGN
Regardless of Philly’s true intentions (#smokescreenSZN), they are certainly doing their homework at fullback this year. The team’s coach Brian Johnson attended Kenny Pickett’s Professional Day and Sam Howell’s Professional Day. Howie Roseman traveled to see Pickett and Howell in person in November. Roseman was said to be “paying special attention” to Malik Willis at this year’s Senior Bowl. Albert Breer recently said he “heard [the Eagles] connected to Malik Willis in recent weeks. And so Corral is just the latest QB we know to be on the Eagles’ radar. It makes sense that they (and other teams) would want to host Corral. By doing so, they can learn more about the ankle injury he suffered at the Sugar Bowl on January 1st. That ailment prevented Corral from throwing at the NFL Combine.

On the podium: Eagles new LB Kyzir White to choose to play with the team and the type of player he is – BGN Radio
Eagles’ new LB Kyzir White spoke to the Philly media on Tuesday afternoon about why he chose to join the team, switch from security to linebacker after college and more.

Will more players make their way to desirable business destinations? – SI
So we’ll see what happens. From a value standpoint, I agree that it looks like the Eagles have won the trade on the go. But of the two teams that took part, the one that has really shown the greatest ability to turn a selection into high-performing players lately has been the Saints. Which means there’s a lot of reason here to trust Loomis and scout manager Jeff Ireland, even if the deal itself does not look good when you set things up on a draft valuation table.

Reynolds: Opening Win Totals – Establish The Run
Philadelphia went 0-6 (along with a loss to the Chargers) against teams in the playoffs last year, but they are level with the Giants for the easiest schedule this season while meeting the fewest quality (7) and top teams (3). The Eagles’ lineup is intact but no other NFC Finals team from last season and they have the top three selected in the draft in April. If you’re down in Dallas, then the Eagles are interesting to beat NFC East at +350.

NFL Free Agency Results for 2023: Lamar Jackson, Quenton Nelson, Deebo Samuel are our Top 30 Players – The Athletic
27. Javon Hargrave, DT, Philadelphia Eagles (29). He was a free agent in 2020 and signed a three-year, $ 39 million contract with the Eagles. Hargrave had his best season in 2021, peaking his career with 7.5 sacks and 18 QB shots as a 16-game starter. If he can deliver a repeat performance, he will have a chance to pay back.

Dick Vermeil selects Carl Peterson to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame – PFT
Dick Vermeil has chosen Carl Peterson as his presenter at the Professional Entrepreneurship Festival at the Hall of Fame. Vermeil and Peterson were closely related for decades: Peterson was Vermeil’s assistant at UCLA and the Eagles in the 1970s and Peterson was the chief executive officer who convinced Vermeil to retire and coached at Kansas City in 2001.

State of the NFC East: New York Giants are in a great position to split the draft – Blogging The Boys
Many believe that the New Orleans Saints are interested in splitting up and have received the 16th and 19th overall picks from the Eagles to raise funds for it. It would certainly be something if they used some of the money they received from the Eagles in a way that would fall into the hands of the giants. Again, what makes the Giants a particularly interesting threat to the Panthers is that they put them in the draft. New York has no reason to worry if they replace the five seats in terms of how they will be able to choose soon. If they can, like Philadelphia, add more or future options in the first round while they are in the reconstruction they are in now, that would be a pretty solid maneuver.

LSU Pro Day: Giant at hand to watch Derek Stingley Jr. – Big Blue View
This is an important exercise for Stingley. Lisfranc’s injury sidelined him for much of the 2021 season and prevented him from training in the NFL Scout Tournament. Stingley was fully operational about a month ago and is expected to do all training on Wednesday. Stingley had a great 2019 season for LSU, his freshman year. He has not supported it in the last two seasons, as injuries were part of the reason. Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner from Cincinnati is considered to be the top cornerback in the 2022 category in the competition. Many believe that Stingley has the top 10 ability, the thing is that he has not shown it consistently since the 2019 season. Can Stingley separate from the cornerbacks behind Gardner, a team that includes Trent McDuffie of Washington and Andrew Booth of Clemson?

Christian Watson is a powerful receiver Washington should add to its list – Hogs Haven
Watson is a complete offensive package. The teams are looking for the next multifaceted offensive weapon, ala Coradelle Patterson, Deebo Samuel, Curtis Samuel, and before that, Percy Harvin. Washington desperately needs the No. 2 receiver. Last season showed when Curtis Samuel was not ready to be a productive participant and no one on the list could fill the void. The Commanders need another playmaker to maximize Carson Wentz’s arm ability. Watson is one of the best options in the first round of wide receivers for Washington if they choose to use their first round pick to tackle another situation.

Review of the Saints offseason moves so far – Canal Street Chronicles
Places of need. After the signatures and extensions, the Saints are left with clear holes on a wide receiver, offensive line and safety. Back (due to an unavoidable ban from Alvin Kamara), full-back (given that Jameis Winston is only on a two-season contract) and a fixed point (due to a poor performance from Adam Trautman last season) are also positions that may need to be improved.

2022 NFL Draft: QB1 Malik Willis – NBC Sports Edge
Willis is not as risky as some have described because of his ridiculous running ability in the NFL. It reminds me of Lamar Jackson’s career. But Willis’ combination of arm strength and sports evokes another player. This player accidentally played in the Georgia Dome when Willis was a kid, a few minutes away and dreamed of playing for the Falcons. Michael Vick. Willis’ benefit is generational. His flaw is an all-time top-5 scrambler with top-5 NFL arm strength and accuracy … with a modified Ravens-like system that suits him (with more downtime), which is still a minimum of top-16 NFL starters, isn’t it? If Jalen Hurts got it, how come Malik will miss Willis? In my opinion, Willis should be selected in Detroit in 2nd place overall. That’s a risk, of course. It’s bigger to provide a fullback with a tool that shines through. Group: Right-handed Michael Vick.

6 most surprises from the latest NFL Mock Draft Todd McShay – SB Nation
Nr. 4: Malik Willis lasts that long. McShay lets Willis go to the Steelers in no. 20, who was around his landing spot for the NFL Combine. I can not imagine that some of the teams between Carolina and Pittsburgh would not take a plane here. As it stands, you have the Falcons, Seahawks, Eagles and Saints, who all need either a QB right now, or are on the verge of having to assess the situation. The Eagles have two options ahead of the Steelers, as do the Saints after their trade. I can not imagine both teams going over Willis twice. Pittsburgh would obviously be excited, because they get the best QB in this draft with the greatest future and never had to raise to get it. I would just be stunned if someone did not pull the trigger to grab him.

NFL University # 35: Mocking Selects 11-20, and Former Georgia LB Nakobe Dean – The SB Nation NFL Show
Welcome back to another edition of NFL University! Stephen Serda, Kyle Posey and Justis Mosqueda gave you a 1-10 pick in the upcoming NFL draw last week – and now it’s 11-20. With no wide receivers in the top 10 last week, the top passes start moving in the middle of a draft – with the Saints and Eagles having plenty of choice. We finish things off by chatting with Georgia’s former lineman, national champion and prospective first-round option, Nakobe Dean.

Wind energy company has pleaded guilty to killing at least 150 eagles – NPR
A wind farm company was sentenced to probation and sentenced to pay more than $ 8 million in fines and damages after at least 150 eagles were killed in the last decade in its wind farms in eight states, the federal prosecutor said on Wednesday.

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