Lakers: Frank Vogel knows he’s convicted, Russell Westbrook and AD want to run it again

As the Lakers were formally eliminated from the playoffs with their loss to the Suns on Tuesday night, the free season has really begun with three games left in Los Angeles, which means the last 24 hours have been full of questions for individuals like Frank Vogel. , Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis on what comes next for this team.

We’ll probably get more answers to these queries in the next few days from the three, as well as Rob Pelinka and LeBron James – especially with exit interviews coming next week – but for now, Davis, Vogel and Westbrook have all turned off the sound. And, understandably, given their diverse circumstances, they all have slightly different views on all of this.

Let’s take a look at the biggest headlines and quotes.

Frank Vogel knows he’s getting fired

Given that the Lakers could not even wait until the end of the season to leak that Vogel is gone and who they want to replace him, it is not directly shocking that the man himself is well aware that he is coaching the last three Lakers their games.

In private court, Bill Oram resigned AthleticVogel did not directly push the idea that he would not be available next season, and understandably:

It came as no surprise that Vogel did not want to predict his future on Tuesday.

“We cross the bridge when we get there,” he said.

Even though he is not ready to discuss his fate, he seems to understand it.

“This has been a work-now job for each of the three years I’ve been here,” said Vogel.

Finally, and most importantly, it’s the key here. Vogel did not win “now”. And while it’s not entirely his fault, he’s not innocent either. From questionable spin choices in games, to wasting almost 20 games on the DeAndre Jordan experience, to not really adapting their defensive tactics to fit their staff instead of hoping to train a bunch of rectangular plugs in round holes – Remember the team that pulls the drivers towards the bar with Carmelo Anthony in the middle? This was fun! – Vogel has been far from flawless this year.

Yet I think the fact that it seems very possible that he will be the only decision-maker with consequences for this period – despite being the one with the least power – is at best a semi-measure. But at this point, what is done is done. We just have to see if his deputy can handle any mix of things his bosses give him.

And speaking of people being blamed for this period …

Russell Westbrook is joining

I do not think there was much doubt about that, but it certainly does not sound like Russell Westbrook is going to turn down a $ 47 million player option for next season.

However, as Jovan Buha of Athletic added after Westbrook’s response when asked if he would like to repeat things with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, it is still not certain he will return.

“Yes,” said Westbrook. “I mean, that’s the plan. But nothing is promised. You must take one day at a time, every day. And like I said all season, you have to play the cards you get. Yes, we want to be able to see what it looks like, what it entails in an 82 game season. But we are not sure if it is guaranteed, either. So I just hope we have a chance to do something. “

Whether the Lakers – or more specifically James and Davis – want Westbrook back is a completely separate matter. All indications are that Westbrook will probably be relocated this season and that the desire to part ways is likely to be reciprocal.

I would still bet the Lakers would eventually trade with Westbrook, but obviously nothing is certain considering how expensive the last year of his contract is and how toxic his presence was to the Lakers this year. The team that has the first two players to use in business this summer (their choice of 2027 and 2029) could make it possible to deal with him, but based on what Davis himself had to say on Tuesday, the team could also be more willing to get him again than most outsiders expect.

Anthony Davis still thinks it’s a good team in here

Has anyone seen AD and our own Raj Chipalu in the same room together? Because maybe they are the only two believers that still exist a good team inn here.

Through Dave McMenamin from ESPN

Davis was still speechless, finding out how the Lakers messed up the opportunity.

“Our goal was to win the championship,” he said after scoring 21 points and 13 rebounds. “Feels like we were broken, but injuries prevented that. And that was the difference of the season. I think even though we lost games where we were all on the floor – me, Bron, Russ – I think we’re three great players, but we would have realized if we had spent more minutes together. But we could not, which makes it difficult to compete for the championship when your three best players have not recorded enough minutes together. “

That makes it really hard to compete for the championship. But to compete for the finals? In the horrible Western Conference where the Lakers are about to be beaten by the 35-44 Pelicans and 34-45 Spurs for entry seats? Not as difficult as the Lakers made it seem. And they have not been good when they are healthy, due to a combination of poor training and things that do not fit well.

As my boyfriend Jovan wrote earlier this week, the Lakers are only 11-10 in games where AD, LeBron and Russ have all played, “43 wins in 82 games. These three also returned a “minus-3.5 net score in 393 minutes together. It’s worse than the Lakers’ overall score, minus 3.1. “

So … yes. Sorry AD, I respect your optimism, but no. Maybe there is a healthy version of this group of players in the finals, but based on what we have seen this year, there was certainly never a title race.

Hopefully the team realizes this internally, even though Davis is not willing to admit it publicly yet.

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