Orioles holds 14 pitches and 14 full-time players on the opening schedule

SARASOTA, FLORIDA – The Orioles put together a 28-person list today, with the proviso that there were 24 hours left in the deadline. The waiver could create a late change.

The club decided to split the squad between 14 pitchers and 14 full-time players after an earlier indication that they would limit the bench to four reserves. The expansion allowed them to carry outfielders DJ Stewart and Ryan McKenna.

No polls had to be added to the 40-man list, which is full as Orioles selects replacement contracts. Anthony Bemboom and insiders Chris Owings. Bemboom reached its first opening program after hitting Jacob Nottingham and Beau Taylorwho could remain in the organization.

Owings and George Matthew can start or be used as counter-players. Richie Martin did not get into the club after going 9 for 22 this spring with five doubles, one home run, nine RBIs and three walks.

The third baseman Kelvin Gutierrez and another founder Quiet smell are on the list as expected. Ramon Urias could start with a short stop.

Mateo started training today and is “much better”, said manager Brandon Hyde, after being hit on the right hand side of the field yesterday in Dunedin. Dillon Tate threw a light bull run and is recovered from the illness that caused the sore throat and kept him out of the game since March 26.

Mateo is expected to be at another station or a short stop against Shane McClanahan, Rays’ left-hander, with Odor on the bench.

Insider / outsider Tyler Nevin has been selected Triple-A Norfolk.

Lighters in the team who were competing for jobs include Felix Baptist, Joey Krehbiel, Bryan Baker and left-handed Cionel Perez. Spenser Watkins, Chris Ellis and Travis Lakins senior. are reallocated.

Also newsworthy is Hyde’s decision to start Tyler Wells in Game 3 at Tropicana Field, with the Baltimore natives Bruce Zimmermann handle the April 11 home game against the Brewers.

Hyde will let the game decide which pitcher Wells will use to complete the beat.

The fifth starter is undecided, including in-house candidates Dean Kremer, Keegan Akin | and Mike Baumann. The squad could make some changes back in Baltimore, where a non-redistributed player could be called up.

“There are a lot of boys in the game for fifth place,” said Hyde.

The 14/14 split could be temporary and is available due to a vacant seat in the rear of the turn.

“We’re going to play this Tampa series, we’ll see how it goes,” said Hyde. “We have no real idea of ​​the length with many of our boys and we will make some decisions, but at the moment, we have Wellsy three, Zimmermann fourth and fifth is open.

Zimmermann’s project at Camden Yards, perhaps in a combined set-up until he’s stretched, “worked that way, but it’s more of a baseball game and he’ll be in the spin and get started,” said Hyde.

Hyde added that Zimmermann, who graduated from Loyola Blakefield, was “very excited” to start the first home game on the 30th anniversary of the football field.

“Of course, being from the area only adds something special. He’s going to have a lot of friends and family there. It was great to give him the news that he’s about to open his home. This is a special moment. “

Here is the group of 28 people as Orioles approaches the deadline on Thursday at noon:

Surveys (14)
Keegan Akin |
Bryan Baker
Mike Baumann
Felix Baptist
Paul Fry
Joey Krehbiel
Dean Kremer
Jorge Lopez
Jordan Lyles
John Means
Cionel Perez
Dillon Tate
Tyler Wells
Bruce Zimmermann

Catchers (2)
Anthony Bemboom
Robinson Chirinos

Insiders (7)
Kelvin Gutierrez
Trey Mancini
George Matthew
Ryan Mountcastle
Quiet smell
Chris Owings
Ramon Urias

Outsiders (5)
Austin Hays
Ryan McKenna
Cedric Mullins
Anthony Santander
DJ Stewart

Informing players that they have been cut is one of the worst aspects of a manager’s job, but on the other hand, the opportunity to announce to others that they are breaking up with the team.

“I thought one of the cool things was that we have a lot of guys who’ve never been on an opening program,” said Hyde, “so kids can see their first opening day – Baker, Bautista, Baumann – to give the boys the news and a smile. … Bemboom has been in this game for a long time and to tell him that he has joined the team, it was emotional for him. So, great moment. These conversations are fun. “

Bemboom gained an advantage as a left-handed shooter who could provide contrast to Chirino’s right hand side. Hyde referred to it as a “big factor”.

“We also just like the way Bemboom handles the throwing team and he receives the ball so well, a great defender,” said Hyde. “He is great in game planning, he has a good relationship with the pitcher. I think it helped him to be here early too. He was so ready to go, he met us so early. It was helpful.

“I just liked what he did, not only in the game but also in the work on the side. Throws well. So we’re happy to have him with Robby. “

The meeting with Martin had a completely different tone, as Hyde knew that the midfielder earned a job statistically.

“It was a very difficult conversation because he had such a good spring,” said Hyde.

“We just feel like Richie needs Triple-A bats and a Triple-A sample size. He has (96) golfers in Triple-A, he has had a bit weird in recent years. Rule 5 of Double-A, kept him all year, and then he gets hurt and all. We feel like he’s making progress offensively, I feel like he’s making progress in defense as well. But since we are not in the group, we just want him to start on Triple-A and you never know. We’ll see what happens. “

* The Orioles released seven singles this morning to make room on the pitch: pitchers Buddy Baumann and Garrett Farmer, insiders JC Escarra, Yorkislandy Álvarez and Willy Yahn and outfielders Zach Jarrett and Mason Janvrin.

Insider Andrew Martinez and outfielder Lamar Sparks were released on Saturday.

Baumann, 34, is the only player in the group with previous experience in the Premier League, with 5.58 ERA and 1,467 WHIP in 38 easy games with Padres and Mets from 2016-18. He retired in 2019 and served as a throwing coach for the Angels in the rookie-level Arizona Complex League.

Jarrett, selected in the 28th lap in 2017, is the son of NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett.

Yahn, who was selected in the 25th round in 2017, played some stunning games on the field in recent days and had his own happy hour on Monday at Ed Smith Stadium. He played with four clubs last summer and was a Star in the Carolina League in 2019.

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