Which Normal? जाना कहां है??

जब हम यू टर्न ले फिर से सामान्य हालात की दौड शुरु करने वाले हैं तो एक बार रुक कर सोच लें कि किस सामान्य की ओर जाना हमारे जीवन की नैया को साहिल को हासिल कराने वाला है। अपनी दिशा सोच समझ कर चुनें। Think carefully and choose your direction to the new normalContinue reading “Which Normal? जाना कहां है??”

6 Habits That Help You Become Your Dream Leader — The Searchlight

By Lolly Daskal Leadership, like most things, comes to some people more easily than others. But here’s the good news: whatever your natural abilities, you can learn to be a leader if you take the time to practice a few fundamental skills. As you apply these skills over time, you grow in effectiveness as a leader. […]Continue reading “6 Habits That Help You Become Your Dream Leader — The Searchlight”