The 55-inch Mini LED-backlit 6-Series TV from TCL costs $ 659.99 today

OLEDs may be high-end TV cards, but they are still expensive – even at a discount. One very good option, the Mini LED-backlit TCL 6-Series with HDMI 2.1 port, has dropped to a new low price today.

TCL’s 55-inch 6-series model with Google TV has a discount of only $ 659.99 ($ ​​290 discount) at Best Buy. Small LED backlight serves as a great substitute if paying OLED price is off the table. It has excellent brightness with more control than a standard LED and can maintain a deeper black level while showing high color contrast. Sounds a little familiar? It may not be completely as good as OLED, but it’s playing in the same ball.

In addition, this TCL TV has two HDMI 2.1 ports and support for variable refresh rates up to 120Hz at 4K resolution – which is perfect for powering Xbox Series X, PC and PlayStation 5. In addition, it runs Google TV software and even supports Google Assistant commands with built-in microphone.

It’s hard to beat the contract today if you need a TV that is great for all uses, especially if you are watching / playing in a brightly lit room and you are on a budget. Read our review.

TCL 6-Series Google TV (R646, 55 inches)

TCL’s 6-Series Google TV enhances the Roku model with updated HDMI 2.1 connectors (two of which support 4K at 120Hz), brighter picture and hands-free voice control.

One of the biggest – and most controversial – games of 2020 is so cheap today that you might be able to pay for it with the changes you find on the couch. Cyberpunk 2077 is only $ 4.99 for either the Xbox or PlayStation physical versions today at Best Buy. We’ve seen this game drop to $ 10 some time back in 2021, but apparently Best Buy still has many discs to download at even lower prices – a price that, at this time, could actually be profitable if you shopped it at GameStop.

CD Projekt Red’s magnificent first-person RPG has had its ups and downs, but a recent patch added the long-awaited next-generation upgrades for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, along with new content and other fixes. Today’s deal is for the Xbox One and PS4 versions, but there are free updates on the Xbox Series X game consoles and PS5 versions. There is a lot of play for only five dollars, especially now that the game is much further along. Read our review.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red is in demand Cyberpunk 2077 released in the fall of 2020. After a disastrous presentation, the team has updated the game several times to improve performance and fix errors. Patch 1.5 recently added content and updated the game for better performance on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

If you are looking for an affordable smartwatch and want one with a great battery life, the Amazfit GTR 2e is currently only $ 99.99 at Amazon. This smartwatch borrowed many features from its more expensive GTR 2 brothers and made them more cost effective. And now the GTR 2e is $ 40 cheaper than usual.

Although we have not reviewed the GTR 2e, Victoria Song, our local clothing specialist, has used its GTR 2 counterpart and considers it a solid option if you are on a budget and you care that it leans more towards fitness equipment than feature-rich smartwatch. Amazfit GTR 2e supports both iOS and Android phones and has many of the fitness and health features you might expect, including GPS and pre-workout heart rate and sleep measurements. Amazfit claims that it can get up to 24 days on a single charge, though with features like always on screen it could not achieve that. The GTR 2e is not as extensive when it comes to announcements and tight software integration with your smartphone and something like the Apple Watch, but for about $ 100 you could forgive that.

Amazfit GTR 2e smartwatch

The GTR 2e watch from Amazfit has fitness and health measurements, heart rate measurements and sleep measurements as well as an extra long battery that lasts for days or weeks depending on the selected settings.

For those of you who own an iPhone and would rather buy an Apple Watch with more features, the Apple Watch Series 7 and SE are still at great discounts. First, the flagship Apple Watch Series 7 in 41mm size with GPS and Wi-Fi is $ 329 ($ 70 off) at Amazon. This is the latest and greatest watch from Apple, with a slightly larger screen that makes it easier to read information on the dial in an instant.

For those who want to spend less, the 40mm Apple Watch SE with GPS and Wi-Fi is $ 229 ($ 50 off) from Amazon and Walmart. It mostly maintains the performance and specificity of the previous generation Series 6 – in the cover of the older Series 4 – but at a much better price, as the main drawback is the lack of ECG (ECG) and always on the screen.

Either the Apple Watch is a great addition to the iPhone for fitness, sleep and wrist notifications. They are even better when you can get them at a price like this. Read our reviews Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS)

The Apple Watch SE, which stands out from the rest of the range of the Apple Watch SE, serves as a step-up from the 3rd series, with features and designs similar to the last generation 6.

More deals? More deals!

  • The Samsung Pro Plus 256GB microSD card is $ 39.99 ($ ​​15 off) from Amazon. This card claims to be slightly faster than the average microSD, so it could be great for GoPro or Steam Deck.

  • The WD Black 2TB External SSD is $ 179.99 ($ ​​90 off) at Amazon. It’s Xbox and PlayStation-ready if you’d rather download some games on external storage, though keep in mind that you can only play PS4 and Xbox One (or backwards-compatible Xbox titles) directly from the SSD.
  • SanDisk’s 2TB Extreme Portable SSD is a fast external SSD that is ideal for photographers, videographers and writers on the go. It’s currently $ 239.99 ($ ​​220 off MSRP) at Amazon.
  • If you do not have one yet The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch, you still have plenty of time to play it and beat it for the sequel, now that it’s been delayed until 2023. The critically acclaimed title is currently $ 39.99 at Amazon, and it qualifies for Buy Two Get One deal, so you can pack it with two other games and save even more.

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