“Two Point Campus” offers development, not revolution

Finally, I am benefit from being the world’s endless appetite for nostalgia for the good old days. 25 years later Theme hospital was released and four years later The two-point hospitalits remake spiritual successor began his debut, we are getting a true sequel.

The two-point campus takes players back to the world in Two Point County, this time with the task of building a chain of new universities on plots next to the previously inactive hospitals you have just completed.

I recently played through an early build in the first two stages of the game. Freshleigh Meadows is a cutting-edge course, but Rome-inspired Piazza Lanatra is another area that players can expect to access. With the release date pushed back to August 9, I get the feeling that the title is not yet as refined as the designers had hoped. This is, at least in part, due to the fact that much of it was created remotely while workers were locked up at home.

I had recently (re) finished The two-point hospital and found that I could go through those first stages of instinct alone. At first glance, you might feel it Campus is a little too similar to its predecessor to be considered an independent sequel. Much has been made of wholesale from the previous title, albeit with some graphic refinement. The team clearly felt that if it was not broken then there would be little point in trying to fix it, at least as far as I have played so far.

The most noticeable difference is that Two Point wanted to address the most common complaint from players Hospital – that they did not like the organizational challenges. In both Theme hospital and The two-point hospital, you deliberately get difficult floor plans on which to build your facility. It’s part of the core mechanic, which forces you to optimize your setup for both the speed of patience and the best possible space. This strange building too small for an X-ray room? It’s your job to try to fill it Somethingthat is the point.

With The two-point campus, it is no longer, where you can now pay money to change the boundaries of the building and even move the entrances. You can claim, or return, land back to your garden space according to your needs at each level. The purpose of having a strange building layout that wastes an acre of potentially useful space was part of the game’s lively sadism. I’m more complaining that these damn guys need to have things easier, but I’m going to that.

Two Point / Sega

And you are no longer solving efficiency, but also aesthetics. The outdoor spaces can be filled with trees, footpaths, vegetation and concession stands, among other things. It is your duty not only to educate people, but also to ensure that your students learn in a fun environment.

Financial management is less than a key factor Campus, because success is now tied to how well your students perform. That means looking at default students that you need to send to private tutoring, or expelling those that do not exist at all. You must also set up events for people to meet each other, both socially and romantically. You can buy romantic gems for campus, such as love seats, to encourage you to meet cute on your watch. I do not know if I’m a fan; it feels like the wrong subject for a light business simulator to deal with.

Universities are also much smaller gold mines for crazy jokes compared to cartoon hospitals. Sure, there are still menus and fun radio explanations, but there’s just less to make fun of on campus. The strangest thing I’ve seen so far are trained chefs who cook jeep-sized burgers in a slightly larger pan. It is far from unscrewed by a light bulb that protrudes from someone’s throat when he is suffering from a “creep”.

Campus‘sense of scale has changed quite significantly too, and Hospital players can find larger rooms are more of a challenge. While you could build a usable clinic from just 3×3-sized rooms, the default area is Campus is close to 5×5. There’s also a lot more material to cram into each room, with a maximum sense of design compared to the last game. I suspect it’s because of them Hospital players minimum their hospital suites with inefficient components.

Screenshot 'Two Point Campus'

Two Point / Sega

Fortunately, you can now build a bathroom on a 2×1 lot, so now you can use any extra room in the lobby throughout your campus.

Even as a loud and proud fan, I’m mature enough to admit that the titles will wear off after a while. Hospital, although brilliant, actually asked you to play the same set of play loops over 15 levels. Yes, the scope got bigger, like the obstacles, but when I reached the final stage, the hardest challenge was to keep my interest.

It’s something that Two Point seems to be aware of and carefully ensures that you can not blow through the new game with the same speed of ruthlessness. Part of this is down to the three “year” cycle that the game uses for your participants to get their degree. The other is more emphasis on managing your campus actively beyond squeezing every penny off its walls.

Early on in Piazza Lantara, I ran out of cash – which often meant rebooting points in Hospital. But here you can simply wait to burn down one year of some kids’ education to make up for the loss without ever having to borrow. (Two Point could never, ever, run away from the satire that nothing is more important than protecting your bottom in whatever privatized industry you are running.)

If there’s one thing I wish, deep down, that developers would have spent more time on, it’s the annoying game. immaterial assets. There are many cases where, for example, you need to improve your hygiene assessment and you need to sand all the walls with rubbish bins and rubbish bins. But because one too many employees are “unhealthy”, you will never get there unless you start firing people.

Screenshot 'Two Point Campus'

Two Point / Sega

This is one of the game’s problems that is often most reliably solved by going to a Reddit thread, where the solutions are often buried beyond the ability of liberal players to find them. I also wish UI was less embarrassed when it came to reproducing rooms with copied objects on the walls. For example, having to manually delete internal windows seems to be more difficult this time than it was Hospital. (And another: Why can I not put detergents over the trash, since they do not take up the same space?)

But none of these issues, annoying as they are, will stop me from sneaking around Campus the day it is launched. I sank eight hours into those early stages, while suffering from COVID-19, because it’s as addictive as its predecessor. I feel like it’s a normal period of my life when it swallows every waking minute that I’m not doing anything else. While The two-point campus is very much the same game as its predecessor, it is still very welcome.

The two-point campus will premiere on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch on August 9, 2022.

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