We set the line for the Red and White Spring game on Saturday and more in the 3-2-1 column today.

We set the line for the Red and White Spring game on Saturday and more in the 3-2-1 column today.

1 – About 50,000 fans are expected to attend the Red and White Spring Games

Ever since Bill Callahan and Steve Pederson made the Spring Games a market event in 2004, Nebraska has consistently attracted between 60,000 and 85,000 fans at its Red-White Spring Games, with the exception of last year’s limited game.

On Saturday, the Huskers expect more than 50,000 fans to fill the Memorial Stadium.

There would be an unheard of number of spring games in most schools, but in NOW it will be the smallest group since 2003 when the Huskers drew 33,419 fans on a rainy Saturday in April.

In some ways, Nebraska is its own worst enemy with the monster they created with their spring game of the last 20 years.

Some will behave as if 50,000 fans are a disappointment, but in reality this is still a very impressive number of fans considering where this program is.

On Saturday, Michigan did not even charge to attend its spring game or announce what the spectators were, but there were well under 10,000 fans in attendance. This is coming after the Big Ten Championship and College Football Playoff season.

Nebraska, on the other hand, will charge $ 10 for attendance and tickets will cost $ 20 on Saturday. NU has had five losing seasons in a row. As far as I can tell, they are one of the very few schools that even charge for tickets to spring games, and I expect they will still have one of the two or three largest crowds this year.

Yes, it will be disappointing not to see all the 70,000 to 80,000 fans we are used to seeing at spring games. This was usually followed by restrained tweets nationwide with “how crazy” Nebraska fans are for attending such a large number at the spring game. Well, Husker fans are still crazy, because the 50,000+ fans who show up considering the state of the program is pretty remarkable.

2 – Defensive line numbers could be what prevents a traditional game

Nebraska has over 135 players on the spring list in football, so why in the world can they not split the squad into two teams and play a traditional red-and-white game?

I’ll tell you – the line of defense. I thought defensive lineman Ty Robinson in second place shared something very interesting on Wednesday. Robinson said the Huskers had only seven defenders available this spring. That’s a problem.

Robinson said everyone recorded over 400 shots of the type this spring, which is actually a whole period of work for many defenders.

This goes without saying – Nebraska is definitely one body down the defensive line and basically two.

You’re going to see the Huskers make a strong move in the transfer window here in April and May to not only block TCU’s Ochaun Mathis, but find another high-level addition to the defense.

3 – Frost is not going to name his Casey Thompson QB starting lineup yet

Defender Casey Thompson has taken all of the No. 1 quarterbacks this spring, however, Scott Frost said on Monday that he was not yet ready to name a starter.

What should we say about this statement?

I still think the biggest thing is that Frost would like to see more support from the other defenders, especially Chuba Purdy this summer.

Is Thompson in the driver’s seat? Absolutely, and we all know that. I still find it very interesting that Frost has not been quick to lubricate him in number 1.

1 – When can the 2023 outlook go on official visits?

One of the most confusing things to realize right now is the NCAA recruitment calendar for 2022-23 in terms of official visits this spring.

Last year, due to COVID and the spring death period, only the month of June was open for an official visit. This year, there is no clear word on the NCAA’s recruitment calendar about when public visits can begin.

However, one source I spoke to said that the NCAA has opened for official visits for 2023 the outlook from April 1 to June 26 – which is the beginning of the dead season. This would be in line with COVID recruitment rules for recruitment.

So that means Nebraska could technically bring 2023 prospects over the weekend as official visitors. However, do you want to go the route knowing that you will get the customer’s first visit out of maybe four or five visits? I still think June is where you’re going to see the most activity happening in terms of public visitors.

2 – Will the Turner Corcoran go to the center?

The big question I have is, will forward Turner Corcoran go to the center? So much of it depends on the right tackle. At the moment, I expect Teddy Prochazka to take the tackle seat on the left when he returns this summer.

Last year’s right tackle Bryce Benhart is there now, but Corcoran took his place when Prochazka became the left tackle. When Prochazka was injured, Benhart was back to the right and Corcoran to the left.

The wildcard symbol is still the transport gateway. Could we see the Huskers take another tackle from the gate on the right? If the staff feel comfortable with their options in the right tackle, then that’s when a possible move to the center would probably happen for Corcoran.

It’s hard to predict what you’re going to see in the Red-White spring game, but one thing I’m comfortable saying is that the Trey Palmer widescreen is going to stand out.

Palmer is without a doubt the fastest player in this football team and he will tell you that too. I’m not sure I’ve been around a guy with more confidence than Palmer for a long time. Usually kids in front of the camera turn on “media action”. Palmer is the same guy on camera and he’s off camera. He is fast and talented and knows it.

I predict you will see at least one big game and touchdown from Palmer on Saturday. Also be aware of his special NFT fall in the coming days.

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